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Germ and virus-nuetralizing CleanShot 75% Alcohol wipes are available in 75, 100, 200 and 500 count canisters. 

This hand-held, rechargeable disinfectant sprayer makes killing viruses and bacteria a breeze.

Aktive EPA Registered disinfecting wipes kill the Corona Virus in 2 minutes and just about all other harmful viruses in 60 seconds. Keep yourself and the people you care about safe with products like these and the rest of the TM Cypress line. 

This video provides a little background on one of our products and the TM Cypress mission.

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At TM Cypress, we care about the health and safety of our customers and the environment. It starts with our name. In ancient Israel, the towering, long-living cypress tree was a symbol of healing, uprightness, immortality, and hope. This timeless evergreen perfectly represents our commitment to greener, cleaner products and processes. 

TM Cypress grew out of our environmentally sensitive parent company CIC coatings where protecting our natural resources and safeguarding the environment for future generations has always driven every decision about ingredients and product lines. CIC specializes in customization—both in what we make and how we make it—so in early 2020, when the global pandemic led to a critical shortage of hand sanitizer, we knew we had to step up to help address this civic need.     

Thus, TM Cypress was born. We quickly re-tooled some of our manufacturing lines and began producing pure, effective, eco-friendly hand sanitizer and multi-surface cleaner. We also immediately began donating hand sanitizer to first responders to protect them on the job. These first responders and other medical professionals have come to appreciate our commitment to products that protect them from hazardous germs without employing hazardous chemicals. They can use our hand sanitizer over and over again knowing they are keeping their skin—and the environment—healthy. And our multi-surface cleaner is powerful yet safe enough to use on hospital equipment and playgrounds.

We are excited to introduce our cleaners and sanitizers to knowledgeable, quality-conscious consumers everywhere.

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